Family and Children's Services - Online Donation Catalogue

Deserving Kids. Deserving Families.

Every family needs help. We’re there when families can’t cope. We support them, and help them stay together. Sometimes, our government-funded services aren’t enough. The kids we serve need more. That’s where you can help.

Your donation can help the kids and families we serve at home with vitally-needed enrichment activities. Or you can help the kids in our care get a good start after high school with college and university support or career assistance.

Either way, you’ll be helping kids and families in our community.

We all have one thing in common, and that’s Family.

Can your family help one of our deserving families?

What you can give to

The Futures Fund
Our youth in care need your help in order to achieve the educational dreams. By donating to the Futures fund, you are helping them pay for tuition, purchase textbooks and prepare for academic success!

The Enrichment Fund
The kids we serve need things that our government funded services won't pay for. Most of them are simple things that many of us take for granted. Your donation to the Enrichment Fund will send a deserving kid to summer camp or pay for activities year round.


How you can give

  • Give money
  • Leave a gift in your will
  • Run a fundraising event for us
  • Volunteer at one of our fundraising events
  • Become a sponsor


Contact us

(613) 545-3227



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